Can you Beat hay-fever and allergies in advance?…

Did you know that kinesiology can be really helpful in addressing the symptoms (and the underlying causes) of many allergies, including hay-fever?

Because kinesiology is such a gentle and effective therapy, I normally advise that people start their pre-hay fever season with some sessions before the hay fever season starts to help get their body back into balance, which should help to reduce the unwanted effects of pollen and other airborne allergens when the dreaded summer allergy season starts.

So, how can a holistic therapy like kinesiology help you to calm the effects of an allergy like hay fever

Kinesiology looks at the whole body and the way the different elements of it work together. In this way, with some detective work, I can target the areas where the problems are located, or with hay fever how the allergen that causes it is affecting the rest of the body. Your body is assessed emotionally, structurally, and nutritionally and I also look at your energy systems to make sure everything is well balanced there.

With this information, it’s then possible to come up with an effective action plan that’s tailored for you individually. This plan is designed to address exactly what the body needs to do to heal itself, and how it can get back into balance so that the pollen or allergen doesn’t affect it in the same way anymore.

I also look at things you can do naturally to boost your body’s immune system, like supplementing with antioxidants (such as organic vitamins A, C and E) which can work as a natural antihistamine and adding plenty of citrus fruit and vitamin-rich foods into your diet to give you an even more potent nutritional boost. It’s all about rebalancing, giving you the healthiest body possible and strengthening it against the substances that have been stressing it out.

Rather than just addressing symptoms like a runny nose or itchy eyes with over the counter drugs that wear off (and often have side effects) when kinesiology is applied, the symptoms should reduce, or even disappear for good.

How does kinesiology work?

So how do I find out which areas of your body need balancing? As a Kinesiologist I use subtle muscle-testing techniques to find out whether a substance, like pollen, is ‘stressful’ for your body. It might sound strange, but the reactions we notice are your body’s way of showing what’s affecting it and how.

In simple terms, an allergic response happens when your body is exposed to something it recognises as a threat and causes stress. Your body is desperately trying to work out what this substance is, but it can’t, so you get unwelcome symptoms like hay fever. I use gentle healing techniques that allow your body to recognise the substance that’s causing the issues, stopping the allergic response in its tracks.

How long will the effects last?

After you’ve completed your course of treatment, and followed the plan devised to help – a little bit of ‘homework’ may be required, you should find that you can start to manage contact with the allergen that was causing the problems, as your body will be back in balance and better equipped to recognise and deal with whatever pollen the hay fever season throws at it.

For more information, contact me – your local Kinesiology practitioner!  For the month of March 2018 in preparation for the Hay fever season  I always run my Hay Fever clinics to get you ready. These are just £30.00 and run from now until the end of this month.  This really is the ideal time to get yourself ready so please contact me on 01613742602 if you want to know more or book your appointment online HERE

My name is Julie Elder.  I am an holistic therapist who specialises in utilising the body’s ability to heal itself using a variety of techniques including Bowen Technique and Kinesiology. I am also an Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Reiki master and  Yoga Teacher and an advocate for pursuing an organic lifestyle.