Julie is absolutely amazing. Her treatments are always outstanding and the care and attention you get is fab. Thank you   



I came to see Julie because I had some ongoing back and neck pain from a historical whiplash injury. I was also going through a challenging time emotionally in my personal life , caring for my Mum who has Alzheimer’s . Julie suggested a combination of Kinesiology and Bowen to target both the physical symptoms and the emotional symptoms . This combination has worked well for me . I feel much calmer and more emotionally balanced after the treatment . The pain in my back and neck has also significantly improved



This lady is truly amazing no way would i be at the point in my life without such support passion and professionalism which Julie provides .I started with Kinesiology amazing never fails to blow me away when ever I have a treatment also Julie’s massage with aromatherapy oils truly amazing like a floppy doll when treatment ends Reiki is beautiful I find Julie’s Reiki very connecting and powerful it’s lovely and I have just had 1 Bowen treatment 5 day’s ago that has supported me tremendously xx a very special lady many thanks Julie could never ever thank you enough for our journey together much love always Julie xx



I couldn’t recommend Julie more, she is brilliant at what she does, takes extra time on working personally with you without charging you more and never rushes through appointments, amazingly priced, very qualified and really knows her stuff. Very pleased with all her treatments, best I’ve ever been to and will definitely be taking the time to treat myself again soon 🙂



I have been having various treatments with Julie for many years. Her knowledge, techniques and advice are second to none. I went to her with recently with a calf injury and I have no doubt my recovery has been aided by the Bowen Technique! Thank you Julie 🙂



I first went to Julie years ago but have just been through chemo last year so went back for kinesiology. I have to say that not only is julie so lovely but she is very professional and takes time with you. Kinesiology is amazing and definitely works. The one thing I never mentioned to Julie was that I thought I had a problem as many do, with the iliaocaecal valve and to my amazement julie pulled it up from my session. My daughters are going for anxiety to and I couldn’t recommend julie enough. A treatment with her you will want to go back for sureI booked in for Bowen Treatment for shoulder pain after a recommendation from a friend.  I am awaiting surgery for a spur to be removed from my shoulder as well as a repair to rotator cuff tear.
I have had 3 treatments whilst waiting for surgery. I have gained more flexibility in my arm & shoulder. The pain & discomfort I experienced have greatly improved.  Julie has a very friendly manner & is approachable & makes you feel at ease. Thank you Julie – I will be returning in the future without a doubt & would not hesitate in recommending her services to family & friends.  Many thanks


Cheadle Hulme

Before 2002 my attitude towards Alternative Therapy belonged to what I now call ‘un enlightened skeptics.’ I had lifelong allergy to cigarette smoke, dust and pollen, which made it impossible for me to breathe without nose drops or to function without prescribed anti histamine. Wherever I lived in the world I had the same problem. After a severe sinus attack on Lufthansa flight over Frankfurt in 2002, which left me with a death wish I decided I had enough and tried homeopathy in Sheffield UK which worked miraculously and I am now totally free from any allergy!
Fast-forward 2012 and I fell on the stairs at home and was left with a very painful right bum muscle (glutes) which made my doctoral write up year a complete misery. I was x-rayed and NHS referred me to physiotherapy but I did not get any relief. Sitting was a serious problem. Walking was just about OK. I turned to hot stone massage, which was helpful but very short-termed. After my PhD graduation in November 2014, I had time to research alternative therapy for my pain and in February 2015 I decided on Bowen Technique so I booked an appointment with Julie Elder at Totally Holistic in Cheshire and voila! -one visit and the pain is now history. There is something special about Julie Elder who treated me. She exudes confidence without being patronizing and she listens with an extra ear. She told me exactly what she was doing but not to convince me, instead I knew she communicated directly to another dimension of my person, which is a signature of Holistic Therapies. Quantum Physics tells us that humans are not just the blobs of flesh that we can see and touch but also a sum total of pure energy! For this reason I knew I needed Julie to treat my other energetic problems that caused me bad digestion since childhood because she is also a certified Kinesiologist. Kinesiology is a bit like a body energy MOT I later found out.  Guess what? I visited the clinic on Thursday the 5th of March for Kinesiology treatment that lasted one hour fifteen minute and the rest is history?  I now have excellent bowel movements, cluster headaches gone, my stiff neck and shoulder have improved –not to mention my improved sleeping pattern.  Eliminating waste from the body is a problem that many people do not talk about but I am afraid that my research shows that many dis-eases begin right there in the gut!
I was diagnosed with ‘sleeping disorder’ a few years ago and prescribed strong medication, which turns me into a zombie. I am 100% sure I won’t need them any time soon.


Regina PHD

Cheadle Hulme

Having suffered with chronic lower back pain and sciatica since my early twenties, which radiated through my buttocks and hips, regularly impacting significantly on my mobility and always residing as a low level pain 24hrs a day even on a good day, I was recommended to try Bowen by a friend.  My MRI scans show significant disc degradation which will continue to worsen over time and so admittedly I was very sceptical on how and if Bowen could help and tried it only as a last resort more than anything after being immobilised on a particularly bad weekend.
Having had 3 sessions of Bowen over the last few months I am virtually pain free for the first time in 17 years.  I have some stiffness on occasion and am aware that my discs will progressively get worse and pain will return at times, but knowing now that I have the option of visiting Julie to ‘tune up’ and help to relieve that pain is fantastic. I have needed no painkillers since having Bowen – something I previously took on an almost daily basis. Having been a sceptical non-believer I cannot recommend the treatment highly enough due to the relief it has given me and the mobility I have regained.




I had been suffering with ear, head, neck and shoulder ache along with sinus problems for several months. I had changed my diet over those months and was trying to eat healthily as I was convinced I also had numerous food allergies. I had been to my gp who’s suggested treatments were ineffective. On visiting Julie, she used my muscle responses to diagnose me with an illiocecal valve problem which she then proceeded to treat by applying pressure to parts of my body. She tested me for food sensitivities but these proved not to be the cause of my problems. Julie advised aftercare of a 2 week detox diet after which my symptoms had almost disappeared. I had one further treatment and am now symptom free. I’m really glad I visited Julie. She has helped me enormously with a problem that I was beginning to think would not get resolved. Thank you




I have had back Pain for 10 years, after a few sessions of Bowen Therapy with Julie it was like magic no pain, I was also having medical treatment for an over active Thyroid Julie once again using Bowen Therapy techniques helped my TSH increase and now I am in remission and no more medication. I would recommend Julie to anyone she puts you at your ease straight away and gives you confidence. I wish I had met her years ago I would not go to anyone else. Thank you Julie.



I came to Julie and Bowen as a bit of a wreck. I had been in two car accidents twenty odd years ago and had racked up quite a mass of muscle scar tissue and disc injury round my neck and shoulders. Having tried steroid injections, physio, pain killers and having been off work for a year, I was ready to try anything. Interestingly it was my consultant (neurosurgeon) who suggested Bowen treatment. I nearly fell off my chair when he mentioned it as it sounded so avant garde. Well it was either that or some diabolical operation, so I thought what have I got to lose? My first session was very strange. After the usual health Q&A, Julie explained that basically all I had to do was lie still and let it wash over me. I didnt even have to believe that the treatment would work. There was no manipulation, no reverberating crack of bones, in fact there was an interesting lack of “magical showmanship”. Just a few deft presses on my back and we were done. Is that it? I asked, being used to lights, camera and action. Yes, came the reply. Just lie there and let it work. So I lay there quietly. And it washed over me like a soothing zephyr. I left intrigued… Over the next few days I felt things moving! Imagine a slow -moving, windy river where the bends are all clogged up with branches and weeds. As the river becomes less sluggish, the waters run more smoothly and start to eat away at those clogged weeds and branches. They break away and get taken downriver by the rising flood…..soon the bends are free and the now the waters run smooth and clare……….This, for me, is Bowen…….if you too are sick of drugs and conventional treatments then have a session……you have nothing to lose but your pains :o) )